Rezaul Islam

Grand Strategy for a Small Country

Introduction A country be it small or big, should formulate its strategy to achieve the overall  national objectives. To pursue its international policies for maintaining sound relations with other states a country also formulate and pursue its strategy. However, in the question of Grand Strategy formulation one may think it is the big country’s aspiration and a small country should …

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Historic 7th March 1971 in Bangladesh

Introduction: Around 1970, the Bengalee resentment against Pakistani military and the capitalist elite rose to the peak, which was clearly reflected in the result of December 1970’s General Election. The rhetoric of Bengalee nationalism not only threatened the military dictators but the whole edifice of the capitalist state. The political players in the West. Supposedly, the people in the East expected a swift transfer of …

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Design and Development of Submarine Bangladesh Navy

Design and Development of Submarine

Design and Development of Submarine Introduction Design and Development of Submarine – The idea of travelling underneath the ocean waters inside a closed vessel has been around for centuries. Some history says, Alexander the Great ventured below the waters of the Aegean Sea inside a glass barrel around 333 B.C. The next record of a submarine came more than 1900 years later. In 1578 …

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Capacity Building Activities of Bangladesh Contingents in Liberia

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Activities of Bangladesh Introduction: BANGLA-BONG Agro Farm. The project was launched by BANBATT-11 with an area of 25 acres of land near GBANGA city towards the end of 2007. The entire concept of the project was to create a sense of ownership and belongingness to the war affected individuals. Total 400 ex- combatants and their families were directly involved in this project. …

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Rotating Building of World Modern Technology

Rotating Building

Rotating Building of World 1.      Abstract. Concept of building design is changing day by day. Aristocratic, modern, environmental friendly structures are constructed. However, architects continuously trying to get more eye-sketching designs. They also keep in their mind to make these buildings more comfortable. Rotating building is a major development of designers. Still the revolving structures are rare in the world. …

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A STUDY ON REUSE OF SOLID WASTE A STUDY ON REUSE – Abstract of the study. All over the world the rate of solid waste generation of solid waste is increased day by day. In Bangladesh the rate is also at alarming. The solid waste generation is directly related with living standard, economy of the society and people attitude. It …

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Success in Power Sector of Bangladesh

Success in Power Sector

Success in Power Sector of Bangladesh After the formation of the government in 2019, due to the visionary, courageous and timely decisions of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, unprecedented success in the power sector has been achieved in the last 9 years. Since taking charge of the present government, since 2009, 96 electricity plants have been set up with a total of 10,735 …

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Primary (PSC) & Ebtedayee (EBT) Result 2023

Primary (PSC) & Ebtedayee (EBT) Result

Primary (PSC) & Ebtedayee (EBT) Primary (PSC) & Ebtedayee (EBT) Result – Bangladesh education minister Dr. Dipu Moni will hand over PSC Result 2023 to Bangladesh Prime  Minister Shekh Hasina.  The first test results of life are expected, after making a hail of sleep, everyone has come to the school to be interested in getting results of many pursuits. A …

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History of Bangladesh Railways – Railway History

History of Bangladesh Railways

It should always be remembered that George Stephenson was neither the inventor of steam locomotive nor the father of railways. But he played a great role in constructing public railways of modern days. Stephenson was rich and famous when he died at the age of 67 in 1848. Traffic on 27th September 1825 in England The first public railway in …

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The horrors of arsenic in Bangladesh and its remedy

The horrors of arsenic

The horrors of arsenic in Bangladesh is considered a red hot zone for arsenic and being exposed to groundwater arsenic has been a serious health issue for the last two decades in this country. So this paper aims to illuminate the analysis and comparison of different physical groundwater parameters of an arsenic affected area and non-affected area. In addition to …

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