Rotating Building of World Modern Technology

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Rotating Building of World

1.      Abstract. Concept of building design is changing day by day. Aristocratic, modern, environmental friendly structures are constructed. However, architects continuously trying to get more eye-sketching designs. They also keep in their mind to make these buildings more comfortable. Rotating building is a major development of designers. Still the revolving structures are rare in the world. The main concept of rotating building is to rotate the building frame without making any disturbance to the occupants and also to get 360° views, ample sunlight and air. There are some advantages and disadvantages in this type of building. However, most of rotating buildings are currently used as a restaurant yet investigations are going on to include this type of building in residential area.

2.      Introduction. Today is the decade of urbanization. In this urbanization era, modern buildings can be seen everywhere. The definition of modern buildings is somewhat beyond our thoughts. The conception of building construction are changing from low stories to higher stories with so many lucrative designs, structural modifications and amenities. There are many types of buildings like Low-rise, Multi-storey, Mid-rise, High-rise, Tower etc. There are also some irregular shaped building like Twisted, Intertwined, Rotated, Coined, Hashtag etc. In the world, there are some structures that change their configuration. Some floors in the top of landmark buildings rotate but this is done within the structure of the building, no movement can be seen from the exterior of the structure. This has been done mainly as tourist attractions in which rotating restaurants that have a 360 degree view of a city gather a lot of attention.

3.      Scope.

a.  Definition of Rotating Building.

b.  Mechanism of Rotating Building.

c.   Remarkable Structures.

d.  Advantages of Rotating Building.

e.  Disadvantages of Rotating Building.

4.      Definition of Rotating Building.

The building which rotates from its central axis with a defined speed and angle is called “Rotating building.” The concept of this type of building is not very familiar but also there is some examples of this type building like “Mainland China Restaurant” in Dhaka, “Mini Bangladesh” in Chattogram, “Suite Vollard” in Brazil etc.

5.      Rotary building process:

The basic form of the rotational section of the building was simple: a circular structure with a platform rotating around a central coat, which is the elevator, kitchen etc. and so on, designed to ensure that every table cycled through a view of the surrounding landscape at a carefully calibrated speed. Rotating a flow, as it turns out, is not particularly technically complicated. Mickey Steinberg, a structural engineer on several notable John Portman hotel projects (the leafy, atrium-laden designs found in many U.S. cities) explained in a recent interview that the engineering requirements of the revolving structure became quite simple. A process perfected by a Connect Fact known as MacTonan makes “turntable” for most American and many international rolling restaurants. Stanberg said, “We have created a floor and then we have made an agreement with them to make a turntable.”

6. Excellent structure.

Prima Tower (Singapore) dining area shows an example of a rolling restaurant. The city has a spectacular view of the city. Ambassador Hotel, a rolling restaurant which offers views of Mumbai city of India. A rolling restaurant or rolling restaurant generally serves as a major turntable which is designed to rest on top of a large round rotary platform, which is made in a restaurant restaurant foodstuff.  The building remains stationary and the diners are carried on the revolving floor. The revolving rate varies between one and three times per hour and enables customers to enjoy a panoramic view without leaving their seats.

This type of restaurant is often located on the above story of the hotel, communication tower and skyscraper. Rolling restaurants are designed as a circular structure, which is a platform that revolves around the center of a center. There will be building elevators, kitchens, or other features in the center corps.

The restaurant will rest on a thin steel platform with the platform at the upper part of the chain of connected wheels on the structure floor. Alternatively, some designs will be mounted in tires. A motor will be rotated in the restaurant at less than one horseman. Rotation speed is noted, depending on the priority.

Sweet Vault is a future residential building in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. It is the world’s first cutting building. It was opened in 2001, the Sweet Vault was built by Morro K. Const. A and Fretz George Gehbauer The creator was Bruno de Franco. It was built in Curitiba Ecoville district and since then it has become a famous, well-known building.

Sweet Vault Brazil is a future residential building in Paraná, Curitiba. It is the world’s first cutting building. It was opened in 2001, sweet ke Sweet Meat was built in the Const. A and Fritz was the creator of Georgetown, Georges Gaehaus. It was built in Curitiba Ecovele district and then it became a famous, well-known building. The building was a case study that was used by thirty Brazilian companies and also for the collection of information in Germany. Each of the apartments sells $ 400,000.

The Suite Vollard apartment complex is named after Pablo Picasso’s collection of etchings, the Vollard Suite, which was held on display when the building was inaugurated. The latest work for “Dynamic Architecture” was published in March 2007.

This is the work of the Italian architect’s “David Fisher”, which offers an apartment building in Dubai which roams the central core of each floor Each floor consists of a separate module that the owner can rotate at will or follow a particular con figuration in synchronization with the whole building. Dynamic Tower (also known as Dynamic Architecture Building or The Vansy Tower) is a proposed 420-meter (1,378 feet), 80-storey running galaxy. Similar to the Suite Vollard each floor is designed to rotate independently, resulting in a changing shape of the towerEach floor is designed to rotate a full rotation in a maximum of 6 meters (20 feet), or 180 minutes per minute. It was proposed as the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules for each floor. Fisher said that 90% of the towers could be built in a factory and sent to the construction site. This whole building will be built more quickly. The original construction of the tower will certainly be built on the site. Fisher said that the prefabricated portions would decrease the project’s cost and the number of workers and that construction will take 30% less time than a normal skyscraper of the same size.

The majority of the workers will  be in factories, working under safe conditions. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures will be pre-installed. The core will be used for a special, patented connection for clean water, based on technology used to refuel airplanes in mid-flight.

The completed tower has been proposed to be driven from wind turbines and solar panels. As well as five similar-shaped buildings, electricity should be generated for electricity. The turbines will be located in each of the rotary floors. Fisher said that they could generate 1,200,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year. The solar panel is expected to cover the roof and top of each floor. In 2008, Fisher said that the summer work is expected to be completed in 2012. In 2009, Fisher said the construction would be completed in late 2011. Fisher did not say where the tower would be built, because he wanted to surprise it. Fischer acknowledged that he was not well-known, had never made a hole before and had not practiced regular architecture for decades. Construction work was not started by 2018 and there is no official announcement on building site. In 2017, the Dynamic Architecture announced the completion of the Dynamic Tower by 2020, since the construction was not started.

7.      Advantages of Rotating Building.

A rotating residential building can allow apartments to be repositioned depending on mood, weather or daylight – for instance, one might want to have the bedroom facing south to capture as much wind as possible but faced west so that he/she can get a bit more sleep in the morning. Inhabitants can use the building for sightseeing /natural facilities as per requirement.

The incredible advantage is that the rotary structure is rare, so some tourists appeal to the cyclone restaurant, and a certain cachet to living in one of the few revolving apartments in the world. A rotating building would be able to get outstanding views of both sunrise and sunset and could turn to catch a nice breeze on a hot day or shelter itself from a blizzard.

8.      Rolling building deficit There are some errors. Some difficulty in rolling buildings is listed below:

* The maintenance requirements.

* Potential unsuitability of a round floor plan to an irregular site.

* Loss of usable space for both the equipment and the spaces where people can transit between the fixed and moving parts of the floor.

* Risk of people being injured or killed if caught in the machinery, and the need to accommodate functions with plumbing, like kitchens and bathrooms, in the core, even if anyone might want a view from those rooms.

* Fire protection and electrical services may be an additional headache as well.

9.   Conclusion.

Currently the concept of rotating building is still developing and it is widely used for restaurants. People will come, eat and enjoy the sightseeing. But engineers always desire to extend their imaginations from their previous generations. It is a kind of thirst to make something new, creative structures. We hope to see many more unique shaped (Rotating Skyscraper) structures in future days for the betterment of our stays rather than commercial use. We should also maintain our buildings and keep structures beautiful to live with peace and calm.

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