The School Magazine Easy Paragraph 10 Easy

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The School Magazine Easy Paragraph Clues: what school magazine is- contributors of the magazine – magazine committee – contents of the magazine – importance of it

The school magazine is an annual publication of the school mostly written and contributed by the students. It is generally published once a year. It is a forum through which our juvenile learners express the green ideas of their minds. Almost all aspects of the school are reflected in it. It is an important milestone of the progress and prospect of a school.

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A school magazine is really a product of collective efforts. To conduct the works of publication of it, at first, a Magazine Committee is formed with the headmaster as the Chairman. The committee generally consists of nine members. A senior teacher is selected by the headmaster from among the teachers to act as the chief editor. Two senior students are also elected from among the students to act as sub-editors. Some other students and teachers are also included in the committee and entrusted with the task of bringing out the magazine in due course.

The editor first invites writings from the students and the teachers for the magazine. After proper scrutiny of the collected writings the editor selects good ones and sends them to the press for printing. A school magazine generally contains poems, short stories, essays, one- act plays, verses, jokes, riddles, and other writings relating to games and sports and cultural activities of the school.

The School Magazine

The school magazine offers our young writers the opportunity to expose their hidden potentialities. It helps and inspires them to develop their latent faculties as well as their power of thinking and writing. It is an actual forum for a student to be a great writer and literary genius in future.

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The school magazine is a mirror of a school. The academic progress as well as co- curricular activities of a school can be brought to the notice of the people through it. Every student should participate in writing in a school magazine.


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