Journey by Bus Essay & Easy Paragraph

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Journey by Bus Essay Clues: time and occasion – description of the journey – sights seen – enjoyment of the journey. It was the month of January. My annual examination was over. I had recess for some days. My parents decided to go to my uncle’s house at Jamalpur by bus. Hearing the news my heart danced with joy. It was 15th January 2006. We got into the bus at Mohakhali bus terminal in due time.


It was winter. There was pleasant sunshine. The bus started punctually just at 6 a.m. I sat beside a window and looked out through it. The sun was rising with all its splendid beauty. Within an hour leaving the urban areas our bus began running at a high speed along the road with green fields on both sides. I gazed at the houses, trees, and meadows through the window with a cheerful mind. Things came to my vision and vanished in the twinkling of an eye. Everything on either side seemed running swiftly to the opposite direction.

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When the bus was running through the forest of Modhupur ghar the tall trees with green leaves overhead gave a nice view. I was really charmed at the green panoramic beauties of Nature. It filled my heart with great joy. The bus ran at a stretch without stopping for three hours. It then stopped at a place named Palash. There was a restaurant by the roadside. We got down from the bus and had light refreshment there. (Journey by Bus Essay)

Journey by Bus Essay

After a few minutes the bus began its journey again crossing the green fields on both the sides of the road. This time we saw bare-bodied youngsters tending cattle and the grown up people working in the field. Occasionally we saw village women and girls bathing and washing clothes in the ponds. At about 12 noon we reached Jamalpur. Thus our journey came to an end.

Journey by Bus Essay – The journey by bus was really a pleasant one. I can hardly forget the sweet memory of this journey. The scene of the journey peeps into my mind when I become tired of the monotonous urban life.

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