Bashundhara Eye Hospital (BEHRI) Career

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Bashundhara Eye Hospital and Research Institute (BEHRI) is one of the most reliable eye hospital in Bangladesh.The main objective of Bashundhara eye hospital is to provide low cost eye care service to the people,specially for the poor people of the country.The Institute has offer some job for some of the important role in the Hospital.Interested people are invited to drop their application here

Application Deadline: 10th March 2020


1.Name of the Position: Consultant
Education Qualification: MBBS & Post Graduate in Ophthalmology
Experience: 2 years in related field

2.Name of the Position: Optometrist
Education Qualification: BSc in optom/Diploma
Experience: 2 years in related field

3.Name of the Position: OT In charge
Education Qualification: BSc/Diploma in Nursing
Experience: 2-3 years in related field

4.Name of the Position: OT Assistant
Education Qualification: Diploma in Nursing
Experience: 2-3 years in related field

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For more Information please see the circular below:

Bashundhara Eye Hospital (BEHRI) Job

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