A Journey by Boat Essay & Easy Paragraph

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A Journey by Boat Essay & Easy Paragraph – Clues: time and place description of the Journey sights seen during the journey- description of the return journey-enjoyment of the journey

A journey by boat is very pleasant as well as interesting. A few days ago I made such a journey with some of my friends from Demra to Ghorasal. It was something like a thrilling adventure to me.

After making all necessary arrangements we hired a beautiful boat. It was 15th October 2005. We started our journey from Demra ghat just at 12 noon. The boatmen began to row the boat and it was moving swiftly. A gentle breeze was blowing and small waves were beating against the boat. The ripples of the waves made a sweet murmuring sound.

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We enjoyed the beautiful sights on both sides of the river. The green trees and paddy fields on both sides of the river gave a nice view. We saw the fishermen catching fish and young boys and girls bathing and swimming in the river. Houses and trees on both sides of the river were seen coming and going slowly. At about 2 p.m. our boat touched the ghat of a village market. Some of my friends got down from the boat and bought a large ‘Hilsha fish’. The boatmen cooked it and we had a nice meal. At about 4 p.m. we started our journey again.

The evening came with all its beauty and glory. I with some of my friends got on the roof of the boat and enjoyed the grand sight of Nature. The crimson rays of the setting sun and the beauty of the green fields charmed us. After seven hours’ journey we reached Ghorasal. Some of our friends were waiting for us at the ghat. (A Journey by Boat Essay)

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They accorded us a hearty reception. We spent a happy time with them. After a lapse of about three hours we again got into the boat and started our return journey. The return journey was equally pleasant. The boat was passing very gently. It was a moon-lit-night. All my friends came out of the hood and sat on the roof. The moon’s beam flooded the whole river and filled it with uncommon beauty. Out of joy one of my friends began singing a sweet song. I thought I was in a dreamland where only joy and beauty reign. The boatmen also began to sing

“Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”.

When the night advanced, we entered inside the hood and lay down and fell asleep. The next morning when we woke up it was just daylight. Our boat reached Demra and we got down from the boat. Thus our journey came to an end.

A Journey by Boat Essay

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